Eco-friendly for us means making a conscious effort to reduce your impact on the earth.

What we believe

Our eco-friendly range has been carefully chosen using suppliers with core values in sustainability.

For us, eco-friendly  means choosing products made from sustainable, recycled, recyclable, biodegradable or compostable materials that reduce waste and encourage zero waste or reuse, instead of the single-use alternatives. We believe being earth friendly also means being plastic-free, which you will find true of most of our products across this range, and is something that as a business we are making efforts to work towards.

We believe the products in our eco-range fit our eco-friendly credentials above.

Our products

What we do to reduce waste

  • To help off-set some of the carbon which is unavoidable in some areas of our business, we plant a tree a day through our partners, Tree Sisters.
  • We challenge suppliers and wholesalers on the use of plastic packaging to help reduce it’s use.
  • We reuse the packaging we receive from across our business to re-pack items for delivery to our customers, this includes any non-recyclable packaging in an effort to reuse.
  • We supply products that encourage our customers to work towards a zero waste lifestyle with an ethos to #reducereuserecycle.
  • We have links with green initiatives in our area to help strengthen the earth-friendly visions of our community.
  • We choose suppliers who have strong values in protecting the earth and communities. Some of the organisations who indirectly receive money from the purchase of some of our products (not directly from Wildwood Cornwall Ltd) are listed in our ‘Giving back’ section.

Looking for products made from reused or recycled materials? Look out for this stamp while you shop with us. Not all of our recycled products display this stamp yet, but they soon will, so please still check the product descriptions.

You’ll be surprised how many of our fair trade homewares are made from recycled materials.

Recycled products at Wildwood Cornwall