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Creating awareness and supporting positive change in action. 

Be the change

At Wildwood Cornwall we believe that each of us has the power to bring about positive change. We each can do our part to fight for the disadvantaged, discriminated, vulnerable and the challenged. We don’t need to have money or power to make a difference, we just need awareness and the confidence to create awareness. This might be talking to a neighbour or friend, sharing a post on your social media or attending a rally or protest. If you are in a financial position to do so, it might also mean donating to a charity or organisation who’s core goal and values you believe can make a positive difference.

For all of these reasons and more, we have decided to make our regular support of charities and organisations we donate to a little more public by showcasing the amazing work that has been done and continues to be done, by so many.

From now on (July 2020), we will regularly showcase a ‘chosen charity’ or organisation that we believe is doing life or world-changing work that deserves recognition and support. We think many of our customers will truly believe in them too. We hope that by doing this we can raise awareness of the charity and enable them to get some well-needed support and donations where possible, as well as making a donation ourselves.

We will provide an online link for anyone who choses to make a donation, as well as where possible, have a collection tin in our Bude store for you to part with any loose change in support of the charity. If you believe in this charity too, please, share far and wide. Promoting awareness of people and groups that do amazing things is always a good thing. Thank you.

Our chosen charity is:

HOPE foundation

 The HOPE Foundation


The HOPE Foundation, which has provided education, healthcare, protection and vocational training to millions of vulnerable lives in Kolkata since 1999 have redirected their usual line of support to their EMERGENCY response fund during Covid-19. They are in desperate need of funding right now to support the thousands of lives who are being affected by Covid-19 in an area with a fragile health system which is turning away infected patients at the hospitals.


Wildwood Cornwall chosen charity HOPE foundation
Covid-19 charity support Wildwood Cornwall

They need our help

The HOPE foundation opened their own hospital in 2008 which is now switched to treating Covid-19 patients in Kolkata in a bid to save lives. But they need funding in order to continue. The situation is dire in India, with over 27,000 deaths and over a million infected.

Please read The HOPE Foundation’s information on the incredible work they are doing, and how you can help, below.

Ways you can help

Spread the word

Raise the profile of the work they are doing and the need they. You can share this page on your social media or the direct link to The HOPE Foundation website here-


If you feel able to spare any money to help support the families in India from the coronavirus, please donate. Here is a link to The HOPE Foundation’s own donation page-  

If you prefer, you can select to buy a sanitation or food and provisions pack by clicking here.

HOPE foundation-

Since 1999, The Hope Foundation has provided protection, healthcare, education and vocational training to over 2.8 million lives through programmes in Kolkata. Reaching over 66,000 children through their Holistic Education programme; 1.9 million through their Healthcare programme and over 110,000 treated in their HOPE Hospital. Find out more, or make a donation here



“HOPE works with the most vulnerable members of society who live on the streets and in the slums in Kolkata – people who are already in crisis; a crisis now compounded by the Coronavirus and, the final straw for an already broken community – the super-cyclone Amphan, the worst to hit West Bengal in living memory.

To date the HOPE Emergency Response Team has distributed aid to in excess of 22,280 families in Kolkata and surrounding villages affected by Covid-19 and the cyclone. HOPE staff members are providing this incredible service to the poorest of the poor, these are our wonderful heroes on the ground. We salute you!!

We need your support desperately to continue our ongoing projects as sadly,we are in danger of having to close some of our much-needed programmes. This prospect is heart-breaking as those who benefit from our projects are already so vulnerable. If you could help us in any way possible in these difficult times, HOPE would be very indebted to your generosity.

There are now over 700,000 confirmed cases of Covid 19 in India – with over 20,000 reported deaths. There are many reports of people being turned away from hospitals as a direct result of the fragile healthcare system and due to the rising numbers of cases.

So due to this urgent need, HOPE’s small hospital has stepped up and is now treating Covid-19 patients from the streets and slums in a bid to save lives”- The HOPE Foundation 2020.

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