Fair trade

Our Fair Trade principles have been there since the beginning

We strive to source Fairtrade products from suppliers who have ethical supply chains and strong ethical policies. Most of our Fairtrade suppliers visit the artisans themselves to ensure that Fairtrade principles, such as good working conditions, fair pay, and community enhancement are met.

Community action

By choosing fair-trade, developing communities are given a chance to grow, child labour and poverty are reduced, and individuals are given access to healthcare, education and fair pay and working conditions that otherwise would not be achievable.

Many of our Fair trade products help fund important international projects that help end child slavery and child labour.


Many of our Fair-trade products are sustainable too, with more and more artisans using waste materials from farming and garment industries as well as natural or recycled materials using traditional methods. Our Fairtrade suppliers also try to minimise packaging, using waste materials where possible to protect the items.

Fair trade at Wildwood Cornwall

Keep an eye out throughout our site for the Fair trade label- this highlights that the product is fair trade, guaranteeing a fair price has been paid to the maker, and fair trade principles have been maintained throughout it’s production.

Visiting the producers

Our owner, Lesley, has been on two fair trade visits in India and Indonesia where she has met with some of the local artisans themselves, and seen first hand the good work that our suppliers are doing to ensure the workers needs are met.

Recently added fair trade products